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    Mold Solutions

    Die-casting Mold Design

    Ningheng Mold have a professional team, equipment and technical support, and can help customers achieve a series of related industrial processes such as mold development, product production, and surface treatment, and we are dedicated to helping customers.

    Die-casting Mold Manufacturing

    Includes CNC finishing, product fine grinding, drilling, tapping, spraying, anodizing, electroplating, electrophoresis, painting, polishing, shot blasting (surface treatment), etc., strict and meticulous quality inspection, Ningheng Mould We have mature and sufficient technology and equipment inside to help customers complete the services they need in the later stages.

    Die-casting Equipment and Workmanship

    Through equipment and molds, mass production of products, we have cold chamber die casting machines and hot chamber die casting machines of different tonnages, which can meet diversified needs.
    Ningheng Mold strictly controls every mold produced. Each process has strict operating standards, and all details and parameters are pursued exactly to ensure the high quality of each processing mold.

    CNC Finishing

    Vertical machining, compared with ordinary machine tools, it can realize milling, boring, drilling, reaming, countersinking, tapping and other processing of workpieces after one-time clamping. It has automatic tool change function and high machining accuracy. Control within ±0.01mm.

    Surface Treatment
    A thin film is formed on the surface of the product to significantly improve its corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and decoration.
    ●Spray is a surface treatment method for spraying plastic powder on parts;
    ● Presents a flat or matte effect.

    Product Inspection

    "Product inspection is also the top priority in the production process of an enterprise. Ning Heng has a sound and complete quality control department. Whether it is incoming material inspection or outbound quality inspection, the company's goal is to strive for excellence and never miss any detail. , The picture shows part of the inspection equipment and instruments.

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